About Cecily - Cecily DeAngelo
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About Cecily

Becoming an Artist

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My name is Cecily DeAngelo, and I’m 18 years old. I am currently attending the University of Vermont, with intention to graduate as a registered nurse. When I was younger, I laid on the floor with a marker and cardboard box, and always loved art,  but didn’t begin pursuing it until freshman year. Since then, I’ve grown to love painting and drawing.

I am open to commissioning and working with people to create something for their homes or to give as gifts. I enjoy working with pencil, colored pencil, chalk pastel, oil and acrylic paint. If you find a sold piece that you are interested in, I am open to making prints or trying to recreate the piece for you. If you are purchasing a piece or print, and would like it matted or framed, I can matte and frame by request with an added price.nahs
Enjoy the gallery!